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Iraya Ayurveda: A range of Ayurveda preparations made exactly the way nature intended them to be. Secret recipes that enhance youth and beauty. The Iraya Pure Ayurveda range is available in an array of products (choorna’s, taila’s, lepa’s, ubtan’s and malham’s), retained exactly as per the original recipe.


Iraya Botanicals: Inspired from Ayurveda and other herbal traditions from across the world, the Iraya Botanicals line retains the goodness and benefits of natural herbal ingredients, which are combined with modern technology to cater to the aesthetics and sensibilities of the modern day consumer.


Iraya Bath & Shower: A range of Natural hand-made soaps, shower gels, bath fizzies and soothing salts. Developed to make the ritual of bathing magical. Combining fragrant fruit and floral extracts with the most gentle ingredients found in nature, bath products that gently cleanse, nourish and pamper.


Iraya Spa at Home: A range that brings the delights of a spa into the home. Introducing a line of luxurious treats to help relax and pamper- The body and the mind, with the soul.


Launching shortly

Iraya Fresh: A range of Face Masques and Body Scrubs made with only the finest ingredients. The freshest flowers. The freshest fruits. The freshest vegetables. The freshest herbs. All mixed with absorbent clays for deep cleansing, toning and to rejuvenate the skin.

Iraya Skinceuticals: Now beauty is more than skin deep. Presenting a line of high-performance natural products, that combines the best of nature with the latest breakthroughs in the world of science.

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